Peeks Social Launches Brand Advertising Program

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Peeks Social Ltd. (PEEK) (otcqb:PKSLF) (“Peeks Social” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that as part of the ongoing advancement of the Peeks Social service, an advertising platform integration is now complete. The Peeks Social ad platform was purpose built to facilitate the sale of all ad units available for sale on broadcast and digital platforms. Specifically, the Peeks Social ad platform facilitates the sale of product placement ads, cost per impression (“CPM”) ads, cost per action (“CPA”) ads, onscreen overlays, and affiliate marketing programs. The Peeks Social ad platform interacts with the OfferBox so that ads can result in direct sales. The Peeks Social proprietary ad platform allows advertisers to target ads based on a wide variety of viewer demographics including location, age, gender, and individual tastes.

The platform will be launching multiple ad campaigns through aggregate and direct brand partners ranging from in-stream sponsors, CPM, and CPA advertisers. Some of the brands and offers that will be available include eHarmony, Fandango DermaVia, Namaste, and others.

As previously announced on September 14, 2017, the Company has now released two of three new advertising and sales features and is on schedule to release the final component of the full OfferBox alongside 50+ brands that will be available to streamers on the Peeks Social service upon release. This will include brands that are participating in paid advertising campaigns.

Stock Option Grant

The Company also announced that in accordance with the Company’s Stock Option Plan, it has granted 500,000 options to Board Member Jim Westlake, and 75,000 options to Director of Investor Relations David Vinokurov. The options vest over a 12-month period as to 20% immediately and 20% every three months thereafter. The options are exercisable at $0.60 and expire five years from the date of grant.

For further information, please contact:

Peeks Social Ltd.

Mark Itwaru
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

David Vinokurov
Director Investor Relations

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